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Дата : 09.03.2023

Wholesale suppliers of Apple iPhone in installments!! Deal of the day to start your mobile phone business now with installments and 20% off wholesale prices

(BULK PURCHASE AND PAYMENT BY INSTALLATION / CASH OR AFTER SALE ) !! Deal of the day!! Start your mobile phone business now ..if interested whatsapp +1323-744-5796

@ Very low price, Installment payment available for bulk order.

We have a full range of iPhones All of our phones are factory unlocked and factory sealed in their original box and packaging.

If you are looking for a long term relationship, we sell wholesale and retail prices, if you are satisfied, please send us an email. The more you buy, the more discounts and free units you get.

Reasons why you need to buy from us.

1)100% customer satisfaction

2) Quality products

3) Fast and safe delivery

4) Wholesale prices

5) Complete accessories (well packed and sealed in original manufacturer’s box)

6) Brand new (original manufacturer) box.

We sell in bulk from 1 to 5000 units and also dropship worldwide….

Note: We don’t sell Chinese copies here, we sell brand new original iphones made in California USA.

Only serious buyers should contact any questions, feel free to contact us

Mrs. Kathleen Corwin (sales manager)

Whatsapp: +1-323-744-5796

Email ; info.bestbuyinc@gmail.com

Email ; info.bestveiwinc@net-shipping.com

Genuine factory unlocked

Promotions from the Apple Store 100% new product

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